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Tongkat Ali Root Extract

What Is Tongkat Ali Extract?

Tongkat Ali is a tall plant native to Southeastern Asia, known locally as Eurycoma longifolia or Pasak Bumi. The roots of the Tongkat Ali plant are used as a traditional medicine boiled in water and then consumed for its testosterone boosting, aphrodisiac properties.

Tongkat Ali Root Extract

Today Tongkat Ali root extract is used as a health supplement that increases natural testosterone production; this can have several beneficial effects such as:

  • Reversing the effects of erectile dysfunction and other low testosterone related issues.
  • Increasing your ability to burn body fat.
  • Converting proteins into muscle fiber, increasing overall lean muscle mass.

How Tongkat Ali Extract Works

Tongkat Ali contains many active compounds throughout the plant's stem and leaves, but it is the root that contains the key quassinoids and bio-active compounds responsible for its testosterone boosting reputation.


Eurycomanone is the key quassinoid that gives Tongkat Ali extract its revered testosterone boosting properties.

Eurycomanone increases the release rate of “free” testosterone¹ from its binding hormone, sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG)². While also suppressing the Negative Feedback Cycle³ that occurs when the body senses a rise in testosterone above its characteristic norm, this allows your testosterone level to safely and steadily increase over a period of time.


Dihydroeurycomanone is responsible for the stimulation of sperm production, increasing the sperm count in men, although its exact method of action requires further study.


Triacetyleurycomanone occurs naturally in the Tongkat Ali root, acting as an in-built aromatase inhibitor; this is crucial to the safety of Tongkat Ali extract as it stops bio-available testosterone from being converted to oestrogen.

Safety Note: Extracts produced with a Eurycomanone content greater than 2.7% begin to see a reduction in the effectiveness of 1β,12α,15β-Triacetyleurycomanone at regulating oestrogen.

¹ What Is Free Testosterone?

Free testosterone is bio-available testosterone in the blood stream that is available to bind to receptors in the brain, muscle, and other organs of the body, in this state testosterone is available to be fully utilized by the body.

² What Is Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin? (SHBG)

SHBG is a protein that binds tightly to testosterone in the blood stream, controlling the amount of testosterone that your body tissues can use, testosterone that is bound to SHGB is not bio-available.

³ What Is The Negative Feedback Cycle?

When your characteristic testosterone peak is reached without Tongkat Ali extract, your body sends a signal to decrease testosterone production; this is ideal for someone who has normal testosterone levels, but not so good if you suffer from low testosterone.

The active ingredients found in Tongkat Ali extract suppress the negative feedback signal, allowing your body to produce testosterone at a steadily increasing rate until you reach a testosterone level that is considered the healthy norm for your age range.

Bodybuilders use Tongkat Ali extract to push their free testosterone level into the high end bracket, taking full advantage of the muscle building properties that come with a high testosterone level.

The Combined Effect of Tongkat Ali Extract

As you can see Tongkat Ali extract helps your body to increase testosterone production naturally, while releasing existing testosterone in the bloodstream from SHGB, creating an abundance of bio-available free testosterone.

Why use Tongkat Ali Extract?

Low Testosterone Symptoms

Standardised Tongkat Ali extract is a safe and effective way to increase your testosterone level naturally. If you find yourself suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone such as erectile disfunction/low sex drive or depression, Tongkat Ali extract is an excellent product to help steadily increase your free testosterone level.

Bodybuilding With Tongkat Ali

If you are perfectly healthy and looking to push your testosterone level to the maximum, to take advantage of the muscle building benefits, there is nothing better than standardised Tongkat Ali extract to achieve your goals safely.

What To Expect When Using Tongkat Ali Extract For Bodybuilding

Week (1) On your first week you will not notice a huge change in your body as your testosterone level will be just over normal, an increased sex drive should be noticeable. 

Week (2) By week two you should notice a steady increase in strength and a faster recovery rate after training.

Week (3) During week three you should experience your strength increasing, plus a heightened sense of well-being. You may also notice a slight increase in aggressiveness towards your workouts.

Week (4) By now you should have noticed an increase in lean muscle mass, as well as a noticeable reduction in body fat also your general feel-good factor and confidence levels should be significantly higher than normal.

Week (5) & (6) During weeks five and six your testosterone levels will be substantially greater than normal; this is when you will notice the most significant benefits from your TKA 1:200 gaining lean muscle mass; depending on your initial BMI you should see further reductions in body fat.

Independent Studies 

In 2003 Tongkat Ali was clinically tested against a placebo and came back with impressive results, the effects of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack documented in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (Article Number 007) The tests show a significant increase in testosterone levels over a 12 week period of usage compared to those using the placebo.

This resulted in the candidates that took the Tongkat Ali having a greater increase in fat-free mass at the end of the trial.

Other Tests on Tongkat Ali

Testosterone levels 4 weeks from finishing the first 8 week cycle.

Testosterone levels 8 weeks into the second of 2 cycles. 

The reverse side of the results page showing standard levels for all age ranges.

Guidelines For Purchasing Tongkat Ali Root Extract

Ideally, Purchase HPLC Standardised Tongkat Ali Root Extract.

The reasoning: Tongkat Ali extracts produced using HPLC mass spectrometry equipment during production yield a very consistent strength and quality of extract, and therefore the finished Tongkat Ali is more reliable and safer to use than traditional extracts.

Avoid Tongkat Ali Extract Above 2.7% Eurycomanone Content

The reasoning: When advertising Tongkat Ali extract some companies attempt to push the Eurycomanone content up higher and higher 3%... 6%... 8%... and so on. The primary concern should be; at what composition the extract is safe, effective and maintains the integrity of a natural Tongkat Ali Root Extract.

1) Effectiveness: The peak effectiveness of an extract to increase free testosterone levels in the bloodstream is not exponentially increased when the Eurycomanone content is increased within the extract. The effectiveness of an extract to boost and increase Free Testosterone (biologically active testosterone) plateaus with extracts containing a proportional ratio of around 2.4 - 2.6% Eurycomanone.

2) Safety: Extracts with Eurycomanone higher than 2.7% begin to see a reduction in the effectiveness of 1β,12α,15β-Triacetyleurycomanone a natural component found in Tongkat Ali extract that controls oestrogen, contributing to the safety of Tongkat Ali use.

3) Natural Root Extract Integrity: Although standardised extracts are the way forward when it comes to making safe, effective Tongkat Ali root extract, this statement is only true when the above efforts are taken to preserve the integrity of a real Tongkat Ali root extract, avoiding any Frankenstein extracts.

Ideally Use Delayed-Release Capsules

The reasoning: Many of the active compounds and quassinoids found in Tongkat Ali extract are acid sensitive, making their oral bio-availability around 7% to 12%.

When administered in standard capsule form, the bio-availability of these active quassinoids rise to around 45%. When using DRS (Delayed Release System) capsules designed purposely for acid-sensitive ingredients, the bio-availability increases to around 90%.

Beware of Low Priced Extract Tongkat Ali Extract

The reasoning: Pure Tongkat Ali extract will not be available on the market for less than $40 to $60USD per 36-gram. Even when purchased by the metric ton, after transportation, encapsulation, packaging costs plus any other overheads involved in bringing a Tongkat Ali Extract product to market, genuine Tongkat Ali extract can not realistically be sold for less than $1.50/gram.

Often these cheap Tongkat Ali extract will be white in colour and lack the unmistakable bitter taste of a genuine Tongkat Ali extract; this is because they consist of ground root rather than actual Tongkat Ali root extract.

TKA1:200 Meets Our Strict Standards For Safty & Effectiveness

At Tongkat Fitness we aim to remove any stress and confusion when shopping for safe, high-quality Tongkat Ali extract by regularly testing the markets leading brands of Tongkat Ali root extract and bringing you our wealth of experience and product knowledge.

To date, all other extracts that we have tested fall short of TKA 1:200 when it comes to consistent quality, safety, and testosterone boosting results, because of this we award TKA1:200 best in test 2017.

What Is HPLC Standardised Extract?

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis equipment is commonly used in the plant extract industry to achieve consistent extracts of varying strengths. By using HPLC analysis equipment manufacturing facilities can test and monitor the compound make up of any plant extract during the production phase.

HPLC standardised Tongkat Ali is a root extract produced using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography to analyze the composition of the extract during the liquid stage, adjusting the formula as necessary before moving to the drying stage. This method of producing Tongkat Ali extract is time-consuming and expensive compared to traditional extract, but the extra cost is worth the beneficial outcome. Using HPLC analysis equipment means that once a safe and effective extract formula is established, the extract will be reproduced accurately every time.

Traditional Tongkat Ali extract techniques rely on the quantity and age of root used to produce the extract, leaving the key quassinoids and active compounds to chance, this meant that you could never be sure how effective, safe or consistent your Tongkat Ali purchase would be, despite the strength rating marked on the bottle.

To learn more about the full benefits of HPLC Standardised Tongkat Ali Extract visit our dedicated Standardised Tongkat Ali page.

Tongkat Ali Dosage

For best results using Tongkat Ali while bodybuilding it's recommended that you follow the manufactures directions and take your extract as follows:

Using Three Capsules Per Day

  • Capsule one, first thing in the morning
  • Capsule two, mid day
  • Capsule three, last thing at night

Using Two Capsules Per Day

  • Capsule one, first thing in the morning
  • Capsule two, last thing at night

A six to eight-week cycle is what most bodybuilders typically run with a break period lasting around 40% of your on cycle time, for example, if you ran an eight-week cycle you would want to take a break of no less than three and a half weeks.

If you are using Tongkat Ali to increase your sex drive as many people do, a shorter cycle period is often used. Some users have been known to cycle five days on, two days off as they only wish to increase their testosterone levels slightly but stay on the Tongkat Ali for extended periods of time, again five days on two days off meets the recommended 40% off cycle time.

For a more detailed look at Tongkat Ali Dosage click here

Tongkat Ali Side Effects

Low Testosterone Usage

When used for Low Testosterone no side effects are noticed; this is because you are only returning your testosterone levels to that of a healthy person and not pushing them any higher.

When Used For Bodybuilding

When using Tongkat Ali at the dosage required for serious bodybuilding gains, users will often push their testosterone up to the maximum these are some of the side effects that we have noted in this case:

The side effects from using Tongkat Ali, are mild in our opinion and pale in comparison to the advantages of the testosterone boosting effects, but still, as a responsible retailer, we feel it is our duty to highlight our experience in full, including any side effects.

1. Slightly raised aggression, not uncontrollable but noticeable at times, this is typical of increased testosterone levels.

2. Restlessness, when you use Tongkat Ali in high doses, your energy levels will rise, and you may find yourself staying up later.

3. Occasions spots may appear on the back, mainly in hot weather, very mild but can happen.

No 'Shut Down' or PCT Required

Shut down typical occurs when an external source of testosterone is introduced into the body, for example, injections or testosterone replacement therapy.

When an external source of testosterone is added to the bloodstream the body senses this and shuts down its own natural testosterone production, this in-turn causes testicular shrinking also known as 'shutting down.'

Thankfully, Tongkat Ali works in quite the opposite way, by blocking the signal that usually tells your body to stop producing testosterone, and stimulating additional production causing an abundance of free testosterone in your body, nothing is shut down in this process and therefore no shrunken testicles or PCT (post cycle therapy) requirements.

*PLEASE NOTE: The above side effects are a standard result of increased levels of testosterone in your body. To date, we have not noted any male pattern balding or hair loss of any kind. The information is taken from an honest account of our personal experience with Tongkat Ali and NOT that of a physician or a dietician. If you are prone to illness or allergies, please consult your physician before taking dietary supplements of any kind.