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Purchasing Tongkat Ali Extract

Guidelines For Buying Tongkat Ali Root Extract

1. IDEALLY we recommend purchasing a HPLC standardised Tongkat Ali root extract.

Tongkat Ali extract produced using HPLC analysis equipment during production offers consistent quality and therefor in turn, provides a more reliable, safer product with an achievable accurate dosage, making standardised extract ideal for muscle gain, post cycle therapy or low testosterone related disorders such as low sex drive, fatigue/lack of energy, depression and mood changes.

2. NOTE Genuine 100% pure Tongkat Ali extract will not be available on the market for less than $50 to $60 USD per 36-gram.

Even when purchased by the metric ton, after transportation, encapsulation, packaging costs plus any other overheads involved in bringing a Tongkat Ali Extract product to market, genuine Tongkat Ali standardised or traditional extract can't realistically be sold for anything less than $1.50/gram and still worth the effort.

The only reason you will see products claiming to be Tongkat Ali Extract at prices lower than this is because they started life as a genuine extract of some quality and then became mixed down with ground up root powder or other bulking agents to save costs.

  • At Tongkat Fitness, we choose to sell TKA 1:200  standardised Tongkat Ali Extract. TKA 1:200 is manufactured by World A.B.S™ who refuse to produce any of their supplements with this "race to the bottom" mentality simply to cut costs.
  • Click here to view manufactures certificate of analysis for TKA 1:200.