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How Pure Is TKA 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract?

TKA 1:200™ contains 36 grams of 100% pure standardized Tongkat Ali extract encapsulated within XTR DRS Duration Release vegetarian safe capsules.

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Are The Capsules Suitable For Vegetarians?

TKA 1:200™ now comes in XTR DRS Capsules, these capsules are produced to European cGMP standard HPMC Vegetarian shells.

Since late 2015 all World A.B.S™ supplements are supplied in XTR capsule.

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Can I Take Tongkat Ali Without The Capsule?

The short answer is yes, the contents of the capsules are safe to drink or eat raw, although 1:200 Standardized Tongkat Ali extract is extremely bitter tasting...

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Is Tongkat Ali Extract A Pharmaceutical Product?

Tongkat Ali root extract is a natural dietary supplement, NOT a pharmaceutical product, nor does TKA 1:200 Standardized Tongkat Ali include drugs of any nature pharmaceutical or otherwise.

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Do You Ship To Army APO Addresses?

After having several APO orders going missing, unfortunately, we no longer to ship to APO addresses.

If you still wish to place an order, we suggest having the products ordered to a locally based friend or family member hand have the goods forward overseas to your APO location.

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Australia Ground Shipping

We now have fully tracked ground shipping for all Australian customers. This service is a fully tracked services, carried out by our Sydney based fulfilment warehouse using Australia Post.

Shipping can take 1 to 3 days; dispatch is typically 24 to 48 hours.

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